2014 Snowmobiles

The 2014 snowmobile release is already here, Most of us are sitting in front of our computers for a week trying to get a sneak peak at the newest technology and goodies the companies are offering to us.

So far we have only seen Yamaha’s 2014 snowmobiles, unfortunately the mountain segment didn’t see anything new to speak of. The new Viper chassis was released in several models, the closest one to a mountain sled is the SR Viper XTX with a 141 track with a 1.6 inch lug. While the Viper didn’t jump into the mountain market right off the bat it seems likely it will replace or supplement the mountain lineup for 2015. The Nytro is ultimately The same snowmobile Yamaha has offered for the past several years. Fingers crossed for next year.img


Yamaha Snowmobiles


Ski-doo is the next brand to release the 2014 lineup set for February 23, many are expecting little change from last years popular xm chassis release. Ski-doo has been teasing us with several videos featuring Rob Alford among many other Ski-doo riders about the 2014 release.


2014 Ski-doo


Arctic Cat‘s release date is set for February 26th 2013, Arctic Cat is keeping tight lipped about the details of the 2014. Not many changes are expected after the introduction of the Pro Climb chassis, but that doesn’t mean Arctic Cat is sitting on their hands. We can expect refinements across their lineup to make the sleds as rider friendly as possible.

With Arctic Cat taking over some production for Yamaha and expanding the production of their motors in Arctic Cat’s St. Cloud facility  from ATV to Snowmobiles as well, reports say a Yamacat is not to far out of bounds, since the Arctic Cat four strokes will house a Yamaha powerplant after the 2014 model year.


Arctic Cat Facebook


Polaris is leading in western snowmobile sales by a large number having created the most rider friendly snowmobile to date, this is not speculation, the sales numbers alone have shown an industry dominating jump. While reports of belt drive failures and drive shaft issues on the 2013 Pro RMK have driven some buyers away, Polaris has been working to quickly for the March 6 release to remedy any issues and hopefully release another sled for the record books . It is not expected that we see a new chassis from Polaris for at least one more year. The Liberty power-plant in the Pro RMK is lacking in Horse Power numbers behind all the other Two-stroke 800 class motors, and is a hot button issue with riders on the Polaris sleds. Any gain in power would bumb the polaris sales even higher and bring us possibly another year of terrain domination.



No matter the changes we see for next years snowmobile lineup, they will be the most innovative snowmobiles to date, using the latest technology for the lightest, stiffest, most agile and powerful Snowmobiles ever rode. At Critical Sled we will do everything we can to bring you the most updated and accurate info about what sledders care about the most.


Polaris Facebook


Release Dates:

Yamaha: February 21st

Ski-doo: February 23rd

Arctic Cat: February 26th

Polaris: March 4th


Let us know what you want to see in the 2014 line-up.Какbrutus-aet2рекламу